Supporting, influencing and transforming social work

Working in partnership with councils and Local Authorities throughout the UK

As the UK’s leading provider of managed services Skylakes works in partnership with local authorities to create optimal social work delivery.

Bearing years of experience and a wide-range of expertise we have successfully delivered projects throughout the UK, uniquely positioning our teams to share best practice and innovative solutions.

Partnering with Skylakes, you are secured a flexible, affordable and effective business model tailored to help you achieve your vision whilst meeting the increasing demands in the public sector.

What matters to you, matter to us. We measure our success on the success we achieve on your behalf. We will work hand in hand with you to create a strong, sustainable workforce, delivering only the very best social work practice.

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How we work – The Skylakes Model

Skylakes' Journey of Change

Since 2008, Skylakes have been providing high quality services to local authorities across the UK.

Our organisation has a proven track record of supporting, influencing and transforming Social Work delivery. Using subject matter experts and specialised teams of experienced practitioners, Skylakes has successfully provided reliable and innovative solutions, maximising efficiency and improving practice.

Selected case studies from around the UK

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