The Skylakes Model

The Skylakes model of working has proven to impact positively with client organisations going through service improvement and transformation. We are keen to assist clients to improve practice through ‘legacy’.

Founded in 2008, Skylakes was shaped by talent, dynamic spirit and an eagerness to improve Social Work.

We started with just a very small team and lots of Innovative thinking. We knew our ideas were going outside of traditional social work practice. We knew the challenge to encourage “new” ways of working would be tough. But we believed in our model, we were confident.

Moments of inspiration, perseverance and courage have led us to where we’re are today. The market leading managed social work delivery company. Innovative thinking has been at the heart of everything we’ve strived to achieve ever since.

We are absolutely passionate about social work, it’s all we focus on every single day. The future of social work is exciting and we will continue to provide the most realistic, affordable and effective solutions and of course only the very best social work practice.

We strive to work with you to create a sustainable legacy of transformative social work delivery. If you are interested in collaborating with us and forming a mutually beneficial partnership that guarantees social work service excellence, get in touch.

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