Innovation at the Edge of Care Programme and Long Term solution

Is it time for a different edge of care strategy?

Early engagement with vulnerable children and young people can make all the difference. Crucially, it can significantly reduce the numbers going into costly full-time care. But how can you be sure of delivering that timely intervention when you’re facing unprecedented pressure on budgets and resources?

We’re here to help. We can provide the expert support you need, not only to meet your statutory obligations, but to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people on the edge of care. That means a fully-managed, multi-disciplinary team of social workers, therapeutic staff and family support workers. They can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver proactive home-based intervention when it’s needed, including intensive programmes targeting hard-to-reach adolescents.

At the heart of our practice model is the belief that positive change is a result of collaboration not instruction. By focusing on building positive relationships, we can have a direct impact on individual families, while winning the vital confidence of the community.