Quick Fix project teams

Diagnosis and remedial work on behalf of Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council had identified that the configuration and possibly business processes surrounding their Liquidlogic Children’s System (LCS) did not meet the requirements of their business.

The council commissioned Skylakes Systems Improvement Service to conduct a diagnostic review to identify potential systems and operational improvements to support their children’s social care teams and improve the recording of case file information.

Skylakes set about identifying any areas of inefficiency within Coventry’s LCS, such as aligning business practice with system recording, reducing practitioner data input or duplication and providing suggestions on how to improve the gathering of management information. The review included business stakeholders from across the service to ensure views and any identified shortcomings of the system were considered, particularly where users felt the system did not reflect practice.

The review focused on the following key business areas:

• Early help and MASH proposals
• Duty, assessment and CIN process
• CP process
• CLA process
• Leaving and after care

Project deliverables:

• Analysis and review of existing LCS configuration
• Diagnostic workshop
• Highlighted ways to streamline and/or simplify workflow
• Summary of key findings
• Detailed recommendations and improvement plan

During the diagnosis workshop, Skylakes identified a workflow related issue that highlighted inaccuracies in data held within the LCS. Coventry then commissioned Skylakes to remedy this issue and update the case management workflow, further improving efficiency of the LCS.

Skylakes’ full diagnosis report was distributed detailing recommendations such as ‘quick wins’, process adjustments and any gaps in reporting (which may need LiquidLogic’s involvement). Skylakes provided advice on the implications to practitioners, management and reporting staff that the recommendations would have. Other longer-term, configurable pieces of work were also highlighted, together with a project plan.

Download the Skylakes IT System Improvements Brochure